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This is a early public release of this game. Please, do not distribute.

W, A, S, D - Movement
Q, E - Camera Control
R, F - Switch Tile
Scroll - Change Placement Height
Left Mouse - Place Tile
Right Mouse - Remove Tile
Middle Mouse - Toggle Placement Height

Fortitude is a game about building and defending forts. You and another player (or your team and another team) will be pitted against each other.

You will be spawned randomly in the world, and so will two small forts. If you enter one, you will claim it as your team's. Each fort will start with a steel door and a protective turret that won't turn on until it's claimed. Once both teams have claimed a fort, the fort Cores will turn on and the game will start.

The goal of the game is to hold the other team's fort Core for 5 minutes. The fort Core is the center of your base and your main power supply. Build up, upgrade, and defend your fort and your Core using resources throughout the game world. Once one team reaches the goal, they win and the game is over.

Fortitude games will typically last around 30-60 minutes.

Install instructions

Unzip and run fortitude.exe to play.


fortitude.zip 11 MB

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